Linesheet FAQ

  • What program do I use to edit the template?
  • How easy is editing?
  • Which parts of the template can I change?
  • How quickly will I receive my template?
  • Can I add more than 8 or 12 products?
  • What if I don’t have 8 or 12 products?
  • Do you create custom sheets?
  • How do I print the template pages?
  • How do I email the finished pages?

There are 4 basic file types to consider for editing our template files:

Powerpoint files: This is an extremely easy file format to edit.   Unfortunately, we have only tested it in Office 2013 so we cannot guarantee it will work in all other versions.  Check out our editing video to see just how easy this template is to edit.

Open Office files: This is also an extremely easy file format to edit.  Open Office is a free editing suite of programs like Microsoft Office.  Our template files use the free equivalent to Powerpoint which is called Impress.  Click here to learn more about Open Office or download.  Or take a look at our editing video to see the easy editing process.

Photoshop files: These can be edited using Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.  You can find a sample manual of editing instructions for Photoshop files here.

JPG files: This is just an image file without editable text.   Although it is not as easy to edit as Photoshop or GIMP files, it has the advantage that you can edit it with any program that supports JPG images.  Since there are multiple programs to edit with, we do not have an editing manual for this file type.

GIMP files (we have discontinued our the GIMP format option)

We try to make editing the templates as easy as possible and even provide an editing manual or video to guide you through making changes to your template file. You can preview a copy of the editing manual online to see what it takes to add your own information to one of our pages.

Photoshop Powerpoint video

JPG versions are the hardest to edit since you have to add your own text and carefully crop the images.  But it is used in wider variety of programs.

Although the templates are easy to edit, they are not just a drag and drop program.  You will have to add and move photos, maybe with some re-sizing and minimal cropping.  You will also be able to change the text and move it a bit.

The overall design elements cannot be edited: backgrounds, position and number of photo spaces, etc.  We have the full design files and would be happy to make any changes that you need.

Some of our templates are instant download and you can access them as soon as you have checked out. Most of our templates take just 1-3 days to receive depending on how quickly we communicate back and forth.  We add your logo or business name for you and make sure everything looks good before final files are sent.  Custom orders can vary.  We do not work Sundays so orders over the weekend may take a bit longer to process.
Our template files have a set number of boxes for products but you can use the template file over and over.  So a product template from us is good for 10 or 100 products. Whatever you need, it is flexible.
The template files have a set number of photo spaces.  But what is you don’t have enough projects to fill a page? You don’t need extra empty boxes to show.  Each template has the ability to “hide” a few of the photo boxes.  So can turn the boxes on and off as you need them.
Yes! We can create completely custom sheets to match your business design. Custom sheets are usually $40/first page and $25/additional page. Please contact us to discuss your ideas. It would also be helpful to have this sheet filled out about some standard questions we have for custom linesheets.
The templates come in 2 standard sizes: 8.5×11 inches (215.9 x 279.4 mm) and 9×12 inches (228.6mm x 304.8mm) Some of our designs have a colored background or colored elements that run to the edge of the page.  Printers have an edge of about 1/4 inch (6.35mm) where they cannot print so this can leave a white space all around the design.  In order for the page to have color all the way to the edge, we have created a file for paper size 9×12 inches.  This can then be trimmed down to the standard 8.5×11 inch size.

So what does this really mean?  When you order a design with color all the way to the edge, you will receive the template in 9×12 inch format.  If your home printer can print that size of page, you can print it at home and trim the edges yourself.  Or you can take the finished file to a copy shop and have them print and trim it for you.  Many shops are familiar with this procedure for full color pages.

There are several ways to do this, but we prefer creating a PDF.  Then all the pages can be in one file.

For Powerpoint or OpenOffice Powerpoint is the easiest to create a PDF file.  Put the slides in the order you want for your PDF then just  Save As and choose PDF.  The pages are automatically put into 1 PDF file.

For PC There is a free PDF program we have used before called Primo PDF.

Primo is free. Nitro has more features so it costs. Primo allows you to turn files (JPG, documents, etc) into PDF’s. It acts like a printer so you can just “Print” something, choose Primo PDF as your printer and it will create a file for you.

To make a PDF, “print” your template with PrimoPDF. Don’t change the size or quality while saving. Save the first template page as PDF. Now try to save the 2nd page as PDF. When it asks you for the file name, choose the same name you used for the first page. It will then give you the option to overwrite or append the first file. You want to APPEND. This will add the second page to the first file. Repeat as needed for additional pages.

It can kind of be a pain to append all the pages but it is a free program. If you use a full PDF program like Adobe Acrobat you can add all the pages at once and switch the order. For Mac We do not actually own a Mac so we would appreciate feedback if this method does not work. Save each page as an individual PDF page. Once you have each page saved at an individual PDF file, you can use Preview to combine them into a multipage PDF file. There are excellent instructions for combining PDF files using Preview at the Apple support website.